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Our Vision and Mission


To improve the competencies of healthcare professionals who would be serving the human being throughout the world by establishing institutes noted for their ability to integrate professional education with humanistic, scientific, research and social learning capability.


Committed to provide a positive and professional learning environment where all healthcare professionals are inspired to strive for excellence in becoming competent authority in a global society. Imbibe knowledge and entrepreneurial culture through curriculum, pedagogy, research and consultancy. Identifying the areas of need and formulating educational programs funded by grants from scientific organizations and industrial caregivers.


We aim at excellence in Education through continual improvements and are committed to provide responsible healthcare professionals for effective nation building through

  • Imparting quality Education & Training.
  • Facilitating faculty and supporting staff to update their knowledge and skills to match the advances in therapy and technological developments.
  • Performance will be assessed and upgraded continuously through the process of self-evaluation, based on the feedback of students, teachers, parents and other stake holders.


  • C3IMC identifies the unmet healthcare needs and helps organizations successfully develop their strategies to promote awareness on these needs.
  • C3IMC focuses its activities on critical mission areas of high public health importance with significant and documented professional gaps.
  • C3IMC organizes medical education in the form of forums, meetings, conferences to discuss, exchange, and formulate approaches to today’s therapeutic shortcomings. It develops educational programs to improve understanding and knowledge of unmet medical and therapeutic needs.
  • C3IMC develops online programs with key opinion leaders working in specific medical fields and with experts in medical practice and research to benefit students and health care providers.